Grade 1/2 Get On Their Bikes at the Kew Traffic School

Grade 1/2 Get On Their Bikes at the Kew Traffic School

Our Theme of Inquiry across the school in
Term 1 is all about ‘Community’. This is being explored in Grade Prep through studies on people who can help us. In Grade 3/4 in work on the history that has helped shape our community, and in Grade 5/6 about democracy and government and how that helps our community function.

The Grade 1/2’s are studying the community services available to help us be safe, healthy and happy. Part of this was a visit to the Kew Traffic School to learn about the people who help us be safe on the roads and the importance of traffic rules. Here are some reflections:

“I got to ride a bike. I got to learn more about road safety. I learnt that you should wear light colour clothes and you can’t sit in the front of the car until you are 12. I also got to ride a bike with no training wheels. I hurt my arm but it was alright” Chloe – 1/2T \

“I liked riding the bikes. I fell off the bike. I got to also go in the house and I played police. I
had fun on the bike” Grace – 1/2T

“I can look, listen, think and stop. I do know what to do on the road – don’t run! Walk, OK? I know what to do when you are on a road and on a bike – pull the brake or you will die!” Beau – 1/2T

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