Policy Documents

School Review – Required Policy Documents

An integral part of the School Review being conducted in 2019 is confirmation of the school’s registration with the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)

The VRQA require schools to have a range of policy documents to be in place. The school staff have been reviewing these VRQA required policies and have posted drafts below for which we invite your feedback. These policies include revised existing policies (see below) and a number of new policies (marked ‘New‘.) Please note that each draft posted here will be sent for ratification at our first School Council meeting on February 20, following feedback revision.

New Policies

RPS_Learning&Teaching policy_draft_2019
RPS Yard Duty Policy draft 2018
RPS Asthma – Policy Draft (December 2018)
RPS Health Care Needs Policy draft 2019_
Critical Incident Policy 2019
Annual Implementation Plan 2019

Revised Policies

RPS_Anaphylaxis policy_2018 draft
RPS Duty of Care Policy draft 2018
RPS First Aid Policy_2018_draft v2
RPS Parents Concerns and Complaints Policy_2018 draft
RPS Child SafetyPolicy Revised 2019docx
RPS Student Welfare Engagement and Behaviour Policy_2019_revised

Child Safety at RPS

As part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to implementing the recommendations of the 2014 ‘Betrayal of Trust’ report, there are new regulations in place aimed at enhancing child safety, underpinned by new Child Safe Standards.

The Child Safe Standards Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards for all Victorian schools, to ensure they are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect.
These are detailed in the Ministerial Order number 870 which came into effect on August 1st.

Our school has a range of policies in place that sees us well on the way to meeting these standards. This includes the RPS Child Safety Policy as well as the other policies listed below.

Other RPS Policies

to use Ginger
Limited mode
for ratification


to use Ginger
Limited mode
Learning, Teaching