Welcome to Grade 1/2!

Welcome to Grade 1/2!

Welcome to Grade 1/2 with  Simon, Sarah, Tammy, Lucie and Ellen!

Welcome to the Grade 1/2 page, where you can find information about the learning going on in Area 3. At Richmond Primary School, our focus is on authentic and engaging tasks that challenge and extend each student. We use open-ended tasks and provide students with tools to improve their own learning.

Literacy is an important part of our program and we will continue to conduct differentiated learning groups with independent structured activities, whilst giving students’ choice about their reading or writing content through workshops and creative tasks. We incorporate phonics, spelling strategies and guided reading into our Literacy program. Reading lessons for this term will cover the following reading strategies; reading fluency, finding the main ideas, comparing and contrasting, sequencing, summarising and predicting. In Writing, the focus for the term will be on Narrative writing, with plenty of opportunities for authentic and meaningful writing experiences in our unit of Inquiry. For more information about what differentiation looks like in the classroom, please click on the link below:

In Numeracy, we learn new concepts by using games and concrete materials to build up our ‘number knowledge’. Differentiated tasks that are targeted to your child’s learning needs are an important aspect of our Maths lessons. We teach students’ different strategies to solve problems and encourage and foster them to discuss their mathematical thinking. This term our learning focus will be on Addition and Subtraction strategies, followed by revisiting counting & number patterns and finally fractions. We will also be looking at chance and probability and shape.

There will be a focus on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) in Area 3 and students will participate in regular Science lessons in which they will explore the natural world using scientific thinking. Technology is incorporated into our program across the curriculum through the use of iPads & laptops and programs such as Seesaw, Sunshine Online, Soundwaves online and Mathletics.

In our Unit of Inquiry this term, the school will be using an Inquiry-based approach to learning. The whole school will be focusing on the overarching ‘big question’, ‘How do we look after the environment?’,  exploring the ‘big idea’ of Sustainability. Based on the wonderings students in Grade 1/2 came up with at the end of Term 1, Area 3 will be focusing more specifically on our compelling question; ‘How do we reuse/recycle and reduce to sustain our planet?’. Students will be learning all about the 3R’s: reducing, reusing and recycling, They will have many opportunities to increase their knowledge in this area and then use this to create their own project at the end of term, answering the compelling question with a final project. Stay tuned for more details!

*If any Grade 1/2 parents work in an Energy, Renewables, Environment or Waste management fields and would be happy to speak to the students, please contact your child’s classroom teacher*

Term 1: Places and spaces  (Community)

Term 2: Tip-toe through our world (Sustainability)

Term 3: Celebrating Differences (Social justice)

Term 4: Robot Buddies (Creativity)

In our unit this term, students will learn about the different services in our community and how they can help us. They will attend a Yarra Water RACV incursion as well as an excursion to Edenvale Farm.

Investigation Time will continue to take place on Mondays and Wednesdays from  2:00– 3:15 pm. During each session, there will be a specific focus linked to our Inquiry question (see above) At the end of Wednesday’s session, students are given an opportunity to participate in authentic writing opportunities. There will be a focus child or children for each session; your child’s classroom teacher will send you through a roster for this. Focus children will be expected to reflect back on the learning focus of their allocated session, thinking about the 3R’s.

We will continue to use the ‘Zones of Regulations‘, to teach students to be more aware of and independent when controlling their emotions and impulses, managing their sensory needs, and improving their ability to problem solve conflicts.

“The Zones” is a systematic, cognitive behavioural approach used to teach self-regulation by categorising all the different ways we feel and states of alertness we experience into four concrete coloured zones.

We also incorporate ‘Circle time’ and the ‘Bounce back’ program into our regular learning. For more information on both these programs, please click on the links below:


Seesaw- Teachers will be sharing student learning through Seesaw. Regular updates about what we have been learning in class, celebrations of student work and investigation time will all be communicated through this platform. If you are not yet on Seesaw, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.

Signmee – The main communication from the school regarding excursions, incursions and special events is through SignMee. If you are not on SignMee, please contact the office to register.

Contacting Teachers – We have an open door policy in 1/2, however if you wish to discuss your child’s behaviour or learning in greater depth, we would appreciate you making an appointment with us via phone or email.

Timetables – Below are the weekly timetables for each teacher which outline when each area of the curriculum is covered across the week. This is subject to change.

1/2 F with Sarah

1/2 L with Lucie

1/2 S with Simon

1/2 T with Tammy

1/2 E with Ellen

Home Learning

Some things to do at home with your child each week could include:

What’s happening for the rest of the year:

Term 2


First day back Monday 23rd

ANZAC day public holiday 25th



RPS big night out Friday 3rd

Walkathon Thursday 16th

Education week 20th-25th

Yarra Water incursion Monday the 27th

SRC dress up day-theme TBA Friday 31st

Pizza afternoon Friday 31st


Curriculum Day Friday 7th

Queen’s Birthday public holiday Monday 10th

Edenvale farm excursion Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th of June

Reports go home Week 10

Last day of Term Friday the 29th

Term 3

Grade 2 sleepover

The R.P.S sleepover tradition will be continuing in 2019!  Grade 1s will attend up until dinner time and then will have to be picked up by a parent or guardian, while the Grade 2s will sleep the night.

More information about this will be provided closer to the date.

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