Welcome to Grade 1/2!

Welcome to Grade 1/2!

Welcome to Grade 1/2 with  Sarah, Tammy, Lucie, Helen, Lauren, and Julian!

Welcome to the Grade 1/2 page, where you can find information about the learning going on in Area 3. At Richmond Primary School, our focus is on authentic and engaging tasks that challenge and extend each student. We use open ended tasks and provide students with tools to improve their own learning.

Literacy is an important part of our program and we provide explicit learning intentions and success criteria, based on the skill being taught. We conduct differentiated learning groups with independent structured activities whilst giving students’ choice about their reading or writing content through workshops and creative tasks. Phonics is a large focus area for us in terms of teaching reading. We use the Soundwaves synthetic phonics program at RPS. For more information about the method and research behind this, please click on the link below:


We also incorporate spelling strategies and guided reading into our Literacy program. For more information about what differentiations looks like in the classroom, please click on the link below

In Numeracy, we learn new concepts by using games and concrete materials to build up our ‘number knowledge’. Differentiated tasks that are targeted to your child’s learning needs are an important aspect of our Maths lessons. We teach students’ different strategies to solve problems and encourage and foster them to discuss their mathematical thinking.

Investigation Time will take place on Mondays and Thursdays from  2:00– 3:15 pm. During each session, the Learning Intentions are displayed in classrooms. At the end of the final weekly session, students are given an opportunity to participate in authentic writing opportunities. There will be a focus child or children for each session; your child’s classroom teacher will send you through a roster for this.

There will be a focus on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) in Area 3 and students will participate in regular Science lessons in which they will explore the natural world using scientific thinking. Technology is incorporated into our program across the curriculum through the use of iPads and laptops.

In our unit program, the school will be continuing to use the inquiry model approach in order to provide a holistic and cross curricular education in the Humanities, Science, Heath and each of the four capabilities (Personal & Social, Ethical, Intercultural and Critical and Creative thinking).  Each Term we will explore one ‘Big Concept’, covering all curriculum branches listed above in a two year cycle. Students will have the chance to explore authentic, relevant and real-life activities, tasks and situations and then attempt to address the concept with a ‘big action’ at the end of the unit. This year, the concepts for Grade 1/2 are:

Term 1: Well being and Identity (Personal & Social capability)

Term 2: Systems and Cycles (Science)

Term 3: Community, place and change (History)

Term 4: T.B.C.

In our unit this term, students will focus on three understandings:

  1. There are many strategies for solving problems and dealing with challenges and being resilient
  2. There are many people who can help us manage our emotions
  3. People have different emotions

They will attend a Mini Boss incursion (The Superhero in you!) as well as being visited by different guest speakers.

We will continue to use the ‘Zones of Regulations‘, to teach students to be more aware of, and independent, when; controlling their emotions and impulses, managing their sensory needs, and improving their ability to solve problems and work through conflicts.

“The Zones” is a systematic, cognitive behavioural approach used to teach self-regulation by categorising all the different ways we feel and states of alertness we experience into four concrete coloured zones. 

We also incorporate ‘Circle time’ and the ‘Bounce back’ program into our regular learning. For more information on both these programs, please click on the links below:

1/2 Information Night – For those that weren’t able to make it to the information night or perhaps would like to have another read through any of the information presented on the night, follow the link below.

Parent information night slides 2020


Signmee – The main communication from the school regarding excursions, incursions and special events is through SignMee. If you are not on SignMee, please contact the office to register.

SeeSaw – A celebration of learning.

Contacting Teachers – We have an open door policy in 1/2, however if you wish to discuss your child’s behaviour or learning in greater depth, we would appreciate you making an appointment with us via phone or email.

Timetables – Below are the weekly timetables for each teacher which outline when each area of the curriculum is covered across the week. This is subject to change.

1/2 F with Sarah

1/2 J with Julian

1/2L with Lucie

1/2 LH with Lauren and Helen

1/2 T with Tammie

Home Learning

Some things to do at home with your child each week could include:

What’s happening this year

Term 1


Parent information night – Wednesday the 12th

Welcome Barbeque – Thursday 20th


“The Superhero in you!” incursion – Monday the 2nd of March

Parent teacher interviews – 3rd and 4th

Labour Day – Monday 9th

Last day of termFriday 27th

Grade 2 sleepover

The R.P.S sleepover tradition will be continuing in 2019!  Grade 1s will attend up until dinner time and then will have to be picked up by a parent or guardian, while the Grade 2s will sleep the night.

More information about this will be provided closer to the date.



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