Welcome to Grade 3/4!

Welcome to Grade 3/4 with Sarah, Josh, Jordy & Nick!

Thanks to you all for making it such a smooth and enjoyable beginning to the year. As you will be aware, we had significant renovations completed over the summer holidays, from new carpet and cabinetry to a lick of paint from the dedicated team of parent volunteers (thank you!). We’re really excited to use our new area and will be making sure it stays in tip-top condition.


Grade 3/4 is an exciting transition from Grade 2 and we are looking for your children to show even more responsibility; from looking after their uniforms (particularly hats and jumpers) to reading each night and completing their homework, it’s a real opportunity to take initiative, both in the classroom and at home.


To help ensure that students in Grade 3/4 continue to be enthusiastic and keen readers, we will be launching Read Around the World reading program in Term 1. Students should aim to read every night or at least every second night. 5-15 mins of reading a night is enough to produce significant growth in reading comprehension and fluency. Each class will have a dedicated library session each week where students will have the opportunity to borrow books. Sam Charlton in 5/6 has been working tirelessly to make sure the library is full of new and exciting books but if your child has books at home they would like to read, that is perfectly ok too.

**Lit circles will not be running until later in the year, stay tuned….


Homework will begin in weeks 4-5. Students will receive a choice board, with 4 activities related to what we are doing in class at the time. Students are asked to complete 1 activity per week– these activities are designed to be fun and interactive and take less than 15 mins each, so should hopefully not be too arduous! Homework choice boards will go out on Monday every fortnight and is due back every Monday. Along with these activities, students should be spending 5-15 minutes each night completing their reading (see above) or their Basic Facts Ladder practice (see below). We hope that this small amount of homework each night will prepare them for Grades 5 & 6. Any questions about homework please do not hesitate to speak to Sarah Fagan (team leader) or your child’s classroom teacher.

 Basic Facts Ladder

This is a sequential program where students are designated a step and given cards related to this. The B.F.’s are meant to be automatically recalled; only when your child is able to automatically recall the facts without having to work out the answer using their fingers or counting objects will we move them onto the next step. We ask that when we send these home, if your child could cut them out and practise these 5-10 minuteshu every night/every second night to ensure that they have a really good mathematical base. Class teachers will be testing your students on a rotational basis.

Zones of Regulation

We are launching a school-wide initiative this year to help students recognise and deal with their emotions. This will be run in tandem with our ‘Bounce Back’ and ‘Circle Time’ programs, that are already an important part of our curriculum. We at RPS are dedicated to holistic teaching and student well-being is a priority.

Flexible Mathematics

Students will be divided into different groups when focusing on the number strand of Mathematics this year. These sessions will be twice weekly and will be based on your child’s learning in each new topic, meaning students may move between classes and teachers every few weeks.


In writing, students will be looking at the 6 traits of good writing and will be learning about the writing process. We will also be encouraging them to think of themselves as writers and develop a love of writing through our Writer’s notebooks.


Students will be doing spelling in their home groups, again based on their spelling skills and needs. There will be a huge drive this year to improve our spelling standards.

Learning goals

Students will be completing their learning goals for the upcoming Term between Weeks 2-4. We will be sending home a copy of your child’s goals; if you could discuss with them their goals and how they will meet these that would be extremely helpful.

iPad one to one program

The 1 to 1 iPad program will begin in Week 3. To ensure this begins as smoothly as possible, students will be signing an ICT protocol contract in Week 2, covering our expectations. Please discuss these with your child and sign and return as soon as possible. If you’re child is bringing their own device, they will need to make sure that it is charged and put in their bag each day. It is incredibly important that iPads are brought each day, so we can complete any ICT related activity.


This Term in Area 2, Grade 3/4 students will be learning all about the community and identity in our unit, ‘The Game of Life’. This will cover a diverse range of topics, from different roles in the community to health eating to In Week 8 we will be participating in a healthy eating incursion, where we will learn about messages in the media. Students will also have a sport workshop incursion with Fitnessworks later in the Term. These should provide rich learning opportunities and link to the health and social capabilities from the Victorian Curriculum Framework.


Grade 3/4 students will begin Science rotation lessons later in the Term, where they will as well, rotating between the Area 2 teachers to learn about four Science strands; Chemistry, Forces, Earth & Sun and Biology.

After a busy but extremely enjoyable start to the year, Area 2 is ready for the year ahead. Bring on 2018!

The 3/4 team, Sarah Fagan, Jordy Cook, Josh Hurn, Nick Buckley and Kate Melven



3/4S with Sarah

3/4N with Nick

3/4C with Jordy

3/4J with Josh

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