Welcome to Grade 3/4!

Grade 3/4 with Todd, Peter, Jordy, Emily & Joseph!

Welcome to a jam packed Term 3. This term is a buzz with a 3/4 Camp to Lady Northcote, we cannot wait to go on this adventure together and make some fantastic memories.


This Term in the 3/4 area our Inquiry topic is, ‘Cultural Diversity’  with a strong focus on student driven personal inquiry. Students will explore different concepts derived from their own questions and interests. We will extend our learning at the ‘Cultural Diversity Tour  of Melbourne’ and a ‘Walking tour of our neighbourhood’ to observe and discuss how time and culture has impacted our local area.


Grade 3/4 students will continue Science in Term 3. It runs on a rotating basis between the Grade 3/4 teachers. The students will learn about four Science branches; Chemistry, Forces, Space and Biology, this Term. As well as completing experiments and testing hypotheses, students will conduct their own investigations.

We will continue to reinforce our ICT agreement, students will be involved in a variety of activities to promote cyber safety.

Students will continue learning to code using Code.org, showing off their technical skills with games and learning coding language.


This term in Mathematics students will explore operation concepts in particular concepts that involve multiplication and division, money and finance. Students will also be involved in a hands on unit on time. They will later explore statistics and graphs through many hands on activities.


Homework choice boards will continue in Week 3. Students should choose one task to complete each week; the tasks are short and fun activities linked to the topics we are covering in class. Students will have access to Mathletics and Spellodrome  as additional homework tasks. Basic Facts will be regularly tested and sent home too. We recommend a combination of all the above activities, and home reading, between 10-15 mins per night.


Reading this term will incorporate several different methods of teaching, from guided reading to reading rotations. Students will use a variety of fiction and non-fiction text to practice finding the cause and effect and paraphrasing the text they are reading. Students will also use a variety of texts to explore many more reading strategies to improve their comprehension.

In Term 3 Writing students will have a narratives in writing, in particular a focus on character and setting development. Students will create their own fictional characters and settings to develop an interesting and unique descriptive narrative.

The 3/4 team, Todd, Peter, Jordy, Emily & Joseph


3/4 J with Joseph

3/4 C with Jordy

3/4 P with Peter

3/4 T with Todd

3/4 E with Emily

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