Welcome to Grade 3/4!

Welcome to Grade 3/4 with Sarah, Josh, Jordy & Nick!


After settling in beautifully in Term One and getting into great routines, Grade 3/4 are ready for Term Two. Here are some of the exciting things happening in the Term ahead…


This Term in Area 2, Grade 3/4 students will be learning all about explorers in our History unit, ‘Into the unknown’. In this topic, students will learn about famous Australian explorers and the origins of Melbourne. We are very excited to be going on an excursion to the Old Treasury Building and Fitzroy Gardens in Week 6. Students will conclude the unit by choosing a particular explorer to study and present their information in an interactive way.


In Week 5, Grade 3 & 5 students will be participating in NAPLAN. There will be 4 different tests that students will complete between Tuesday and Thursday; Writing, Reading, Language conventions and Numeracy. We are working hard to get the students ready for this and wish all our students the best of luck!


Grade 3/4 students started Science in Term 1, and will begin rotating between the Area 2 teachers to learn about four S.T.E.M. topics; Chemistry, Forces, Space and Biology, this Term. As well as completing experiments and testing hypotheses, we will visit Auburn High school in Week 3. During this excursion, students will use their excellent Science facilities to complete Biology based activities.

After a restful and well-earned Easter Holidays, Grade 3/4 are ready for Term 2 – bring on the fun and the learning!


Literature Circles

Grade 3/4 has also started to look at the different Lit Circle roles within their own classes. This is an opportunity for the Grade 3’s to learn the different roles (including Discussion leader, Travel Tracker, Word Wizard, Summariser, Predictor, Fact & Opinion finder and Text Connector) as well as an opportunity for Grade 4’s to build on their skills from last year. The valuable discussion time within their groups, facilitated by home group teachers, will set them up with really good routines and have them ready to launch by Term 3.

The 3/4 team, Sarah Fagan, Jordy Cook, Josh Hurn, Nick Buckley and Kate Melven



3/4S with Sarah

3/4N with Nick

3/4C with Jordy

3/4J with Josh

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