Welcome to Grade 3/4!

Welcome to Grade 3/4 with Kieran, Peter, Sarah, Emily & Joseph!

It is with pleasure we welcome you back to school for 2020. The students have settled in well and are ready for learning. Here are some of the exciting things happening in the term ahead…


This Term in the 3/4 area our Inquiry is ‘Identity and Wellbeing’. We will explore the idea that identity is unique to you. It includes our abilities, self image, physical attributes, beliefs and personality. Students will discover that wellbeing is multifaceted. It includes physical, mental, social and emotional health and that there are many strategies to manage physical, social and emotional health.


This term in Mathematics students will explore place value and operation concepts as well as using hands on activities and open ended tasks to develop their knowledge in statistics and probability through the concept of chance. Students will also extend their knowledge in measurement by exploring the concepts of mass, capacity and temperature.


Homework choice boards will begin in Week 3. Students should choose one task to complete each week; the tasks are short and fun activities linked to the topics we are covering in class. Students will have access to Mathletics  as additional homework tasks. We recommend a combination of all the above activities, and home reading, between 10-15 mins per night.


Reading this term will incorporate several different methods of teaching, from guided reading to reading rotations with differentiated learing stations. Students will use a variety of fiction and non-fiction text to practice finding the main idea and making predictions. Students will also use a variety of texts to explore many more reading strategies to improve their comprehension.

The 3/4 team, Kieran, Peter, Sarah, Emily & Joseph


3/4J with Joseph

3/4S with Sarah

3/4K with Kieran

3/4E with Emily

3/4P with Peter

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