Welcome to Grade 3/4!

Welcome to Grade 3/4!

Welcome to Grade 3/4 with Sarah, Josh, Jordy & Madie!

After three terrific terms of learning and the excitement of camp, the students are more than ready to consolidate their learning in Term Four. Here are some of the exciting things happening in the Term ahead…


This Term in Area 2 the unit topic, ‘Our Island Home’,  will be geography focused. Grade 3/4 students will be learning all about the physical world, including land formations, different environments and climate zones. Students will demonstrate their understanding of this unit by creating their own island, with detailed physical features.


Grade 3/4 students started Science in Term 1, and will begin rotating between the Area 2 teachers to learn about four Science branches; Chemistry, Forces, Space and Biology, this Term. As well as completing experiments and testing hypotheses, students will conduct their own investigations.

Students will continue learning to code using the Swift Playgrounds app, showing off their technical skills with games and learning coding language.

In Week 6, students will participate in the ‘Crack it!’ incursion, based on solving problems using critical and creative thinking skills.

Genius Hour

Genius Hour sessions will run each Monday afternoon after lunch, across the whole area. Students will have the chance to focus in on a topic they are interested in and work throughout the term to plan, research, improve, modify and evaluate their project.


This term in Flex Maths lessons, Grade 3/4 students are consolidating their learning from the previous terms, with a number revisit. This unit will cover a range of number topics, including; place value, the four operations, decimals and fractions. We are also looking at Measurement in our home groups, learning about everything from estimating to weight to length to area and perimeter.


Homework choice boards will continue to go out once a fortnight. Students should choose one task to complete each week; the tasks are short and fun activities linked to the topics we are covering in class. Mathletics and Spellodrome homework tasks will be updated each week by your child’s homeroom teacher and Basic Facts will be regularly tested and sent home too. We recommend a combination of all the above activities, and home reading,  Between 10-15 mins per night is ideal.


Reading this term will incorporate several different methods of teaching, from guided reading to reading rotations. There will be a larger focus on  inferring and drawing conclusions and the materials provided will cover both fiction and non-fiction texts. to Lit Circles will run on Friday mornings straight after assembly in 3/4C, S & N.

The 3/4 team, Sarah Fagan, Jordy Cook, Josh Hurn and Madie Pearce



3/4S with Sarah

3/4J with Josh

3/4N with Madie

3/4C with Jordy


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