Welcome to Grade 5/6!

Welcome to Grade 5/6 with Cassie, Lucie, Simon and Russell!

Welcome to Term Three in Grade 5/6 at Richmond PS!

We’ve settled into a new term, and there is already lots happening!

In Literacy we are working on reports this term, completing written pieces on “My Wish for the World”. Our Reading groups will continue to allow the students to work in small group and independent situations to work on their comprehension, spelling and research skills.

In Numeracy, we begin our term with a focus on decimals and percentages. We will complete our work in Chance and also look at units of Data.

Our Unit topic for this term is the ever-relevant, Social Justice.  We have been researching big problems that face people across the world, and researching charities that are helping!

Homework has begun for the term – all students a required to read a section of their novel and complete a role in Lit Circles. Don’t forget to practise your Maths Basic Facts Ladder work (see below); practise your Times tables for the 3 Minute Challenge; and of course, log into your Mathletics account to sharpen up your other Maths understandings.  If you’re not sure what other homework has been set for your child, it’s worth asking them to check their Google Classroom homepage to see if information has been posted there.

Have a great Term Three!

The Grade 5/6 team: Cassie, Lucie, Simon and Russell.

Some Important Reminders and requests:

We always appreciate the donation of a box of tissues per family to the area – if everyone sends in a box, we can usually get through the year!

Important Information

Please see attached information regarding the Basic Facts Ladder:

Class Timetables

Grade 5/6L with Lucie
Grade 5/6S with Simon
Grade 5/6C with Cassie
Grade 5/6R with Russell