Welcome to Grade 5/6!

Welcome to Grade 5/6 with Cassie, Russell, Sam and Ellen!

The wonderful new Grade 5/6s have hit the ground running in 2018, and we’re settling in to our routines and classrooms.

If you missed our Information night, the slideshow can be found here

House Captain (Y6) and SRC Reps (Y5) elections will be held next Friday 9th Feb. Students who wish to participate must prepare a 1 minute speech persuading their class/house to vote for them. We will

Our Unit topic for this term is the ever-relevant, Ethics and Emotions. Understanding who we are and what we value prepares us for physical and emotional changes that we will experience. We will explore and discuss moral dilemmas and students will devise a personal “self-help” manual to use to build a range of coping strategies to maintain their sense of self-worth and well-being. We will also be implementing the Zones of Regulation so make sure you ask your child to tell you about them!

In Literacy we will begin by writing an in-depth personal response to an ethical question, considering what it means to “do the right thing”. In addition to this, students will again maintain a Writers Notebook and will use these books to collect ‘seeds’ (words, pictures, sketches, memories) to ‘grow’ into story ideas, which they will then draft, edit, revise and publish. In Reading, we have begun our reading group sessions, which practice independent and cooperative learning through comprehension activities, discussion and spelling explorations.

In Numeracy, we begin our term with a focus on place value, estimation and problem solving using mental and written strategies, as well as some 3D shape, angles and graphing.

Our Peer Mediation program will begin again in Week 2. We will have a special training day with the Grade Sixes next Monday to get the year off to a happy start.

Homework will begin in Week 3-4 and will consist of nightly reading and fortnightly tasks based around the unit topic.

Some Important Reminders and requests:

We always appreciate the donation of a box of tissues per family to the area – if everyone sends in a box, we can usually get through the year!

Our school’s iPad program will begin on Monday, February 12. This will give time for our students to set up their workbook and writing routines before we introduce any technology to the classroom. Students who are bringing their own device will be asked to bring their iPads in the week before to get set up on the network.

Students have been reminded that mobile phones are to remain stashed safely in school bags throughout the day, and are not to be used while at school. If your child needs to contact you, we will call on their behalf.

We have several excursions and activities such as Lit Circles planned for the year and often appreciate your help! Don’t forget if you’d like to join us, you will need a current Working With Children Check. Information about how to apply for one is at: http://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/

We’re looking forward to a wonderful, productive 2017!

The Grade 5/6 team: Cassie, Russell, Sam and Ellen

Class Timetables

56C with Cassie

56E with Ellen

56R with Russell

5/6S with Sam