Welcome to Grade 5/6!

Welcome to Term Four in Grade 5/6 at Richmond PS!

We can’t quite believe the final term for the year is upon us – though there is already lots happening!

We’ll get our Data and Decisions Unit off to a smooth start with an incursion in week 2 where the students will consider the difference between needs and wants, the types of resources that we have and how we use them, and the nature and meaning of work. They will be engaged in economics and business as they work in groups to develop a business plan that they will present to the teachers in a “Shark Tank” style session. Stay tuned for further information!

In Literacy we are working on free-choice Narratives this term. We are also refreshing our knowledge of speeches and oral presentations in preparation for leader speeches and the Grade 6 dinner. Our Reading groups will continue to allow the students to work in small group and independent situations to work on their comprehension, spelling and research skills.

In Numeracy, we begin our term with a focus on Patterns and Algebra, and we’ll move onto revision workshops as the term goes on. We will also complete an investigation into Chance and Probability.

We are beginning our Earth and Space study in Science, and will continue learning about the history of space space travel, the Solar System and Earth’s place in space.

This is all in addition to transition and Family Life workshops, T20 Cricket and all the celebrations that come with the end of the school year!

Homework will begin in earnest for the term in Week 2. This term students will be encouraged to practice their self-discipline and study habits with tasks linked to work we are doing in class as well as regular Maths tasks. They will be due on a fortnightly basis. Please ask them to check their Google Classroom and come to us if they have any questions. We will also begin Reading Circles at the end of Week 2.

Important Dates to note:

W 17th October         – “Market Manoeuvres” incursion

F 19th October           – First round of Electives begins (each Friday for 3 weeks)

W 24th October         – Grade 6 only – Transition Workshop @ RPS

W 31st October         – T20 Blast Cricket – Details TBC

T 1st November        – Family Life session #1

W 7th November       – Family Life session #2

W 14th November     – Family Life session #3

F 9th November        – Second round of Electives begins (each Friday for 3 weeks)

M 26th November     – Grade 5 only – Swimming Program begins (8 days)

M 27th November     – Gr 5 Swimming Program begins (two weeks)

Th 7th December      – Pizza Day & SRC Dress Up Day

M 10th December     – Grade 6 Dinner

Tu 11th December   – Grade 6 Orientation Day

M 17th December     – End of Year Concert

W 19th December    – Gr 6 Open Water Swimming Program – Day 1/2 (Day 2 TBC)

F 21st December      – Last Day of 2018 – 1.30pm Dismissal

Have a great Term Four!!

The Grade 5/6 team: Cassie, Ellen, Sam and Russell.

Class Timetables

56C with Cassie

56E with Ellen

56R with Russell

5/6S with Sam