Welcome to Grade 5/6!

Welcome to Term Two in Grade 5/6 with Cassie, Russell, Sam and Ellen!

We’ve already made a running start, with our excursion to the fascinating Immigration Museum in Week One setting the tone for our busy term!

Our Unit topic for this term is Change, which is a concept we will explore through the lens of the history of Australia, looking at the effects of white settlement on the Indigenous population through to Federation in 1901 . Students will use what they have learned about the diverse origins of immigrants to Australia as they participate in conversations about our history and respect for cultures different from their own.  We will bring our learning together when we curate an RPS “museum” in our Area, where students will present artefacts about a historical figure.  This will be held on the Wednesday 27th June (the last week of term).

In Literacy we have begun by writing persuasive texts of our own choice, with lots of practice debating whether Australia should become a republic. In addition to this, students will again maintain a Writers Notebook and will use these books to collect ‘seeds’ (words, pictures, sketches, memories) to ‘grow’ into story ideas, which they will then draft, edit, revise and publish. In Reading, we have begun our reading group sessions, which practice independent and cooperative learning through comprehension activities, discussion and spelling explorations.

In Numeracy, we begin our term with a focus on division, before we move on to fractions, decimals and percentages, as well as data representation and interpretation and measurement.

Homework has already begun as our Lit Circles program is already up and running. This term, as well as the weekly Lit Circles work, homework will continue to consist of nightly reading and fortnightly tasks based around the unit topic.

And don’t forget Camp is just around the corner!  We’re hoping for dry weather, but it will be cool in Neerim South, so pack for comfort, not style!  You can find a packing list here: Camp Packing List 2018.

Some Important Reminders and requests:

As the Winter sniffles set in, we always appreciate the donation of a box of tissues per family to the area – if everyone sends in a box, we can usually get through the year!

Students have been reminded that mobile phones are to remain stashed safely in school bags throughout the day, and are not to be used while at school. If your child needs to contact you, we will call on their behalf.

We have several excursions and activities such as Lit Circles planned for the year and often appreciate your help! Don’t forget if you’d like to join us, you will need a current Working With Children Check. Information about how to apply for one is at: http://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/

We’re looking forward to a wonderful, productive 2017!

The Grade 5/6 team: Cassie, Russell, Sam and Ellen

Class Timetables

56C with Cassie

56E with Ellen

56R with Russell

5/6S with Sam