Welcome to Prep!

Welcome to Prep with Aimee, Sarah M and Julian!

One last busy term left!  We can hardly believe the 2018 year of school is almost over. We have planned Term 4 to be packed full of new experiences and exciting opportunities for our Preps.

Coming up is the School Fair, our end of year concert, the swimming program, and some more fun excursions.

A massive thanks goes out to all parents who continue to wholeheartedly support all these programs and their child’s learning.  We promise this term will be jam packed with fun – happy learning!

Please download our Prep Newsletter Term 4 2018  – it has everything you need to know about our busy final Term!

From the Prep Team – Aimee, Sarah and Julian

If you missed our Prep Information night, the slideshow can be found here



Some things to do at home with your child each week include:

  • Daily home reader, discuss reading strategies used, main characters and setting, retelling events
  • Practise reading your child’s Magic Words List, and spelling for those ready
  • Handwriting activities (tracing, copying)

Some writing activities you might like to do at home include:

  • Postcards, letters or cards
  • Recounts of special events
  • Shopping lists
  • Shared stories
  • Recipes


Prep A with Aimee

Prep S with Sarah

Prep J with Julian