Welcome to Prep!

Welcome to Prep with Rowena, Jordy and Sarah!

Term 4 has kicked off to an amazing start, the Preps are very settled and we have launched straight into some fantastic learning.




Some things to do at home with your child each week include:

  • Daily home reader, discuss reading strategies used, main characters and setting, retelling events
  • Practise reading your child’s Magic Words List, and spelling for those ready
  • Handwriting activities (tracing, copying)

Some writing activities you might like to do at home include:

  • Postcards, letters or cards
  • Recounts of special events
  • Shopping lists
  • Shared stories
  • Recipes


 To read our Prep Parent Handbook for 2016 please click here

Prep Investigation Time

Parents click here for information about our Investigations


Prep R with Rowena

Prep J with Jordy

Prep S with Sarah M