1-1 iPad Program

2020 1-to-1 iPad Program for Richmond Primary School

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1 to 1 program outline

RPS iPad App List – Grade 3 to 6

Mobile Phone Policy

Purchasing an iPad

The 1:1 iPad program was first implemented across Grades 3-6 in 2016 and has provided course work over the last two years based on targeted individual student need. This approach is focused on developing lessons and resources based on relevant levels of the Victorian Curriculum that will be accessed via the iPad. By giving students a choice of instructional tools and resources, developed at their particular point of learning, they may be supported to access the specific skill development they need to take them to the next step on their learning journey. It will allow them more control as they can manage their own learning and give them the opportunity, with the support of their teacher, to extend their development in a sequential way. It does not mean the end of paper and pen but provides a framework that utilises how the iPad works to support knowledge building and in particular how students can reflect on their learning. What is of most value is the way students can record their understandings using video, audio and photos as a permanent digital record of their progress which the iPad supports very well.

Why iPads?

The iPads have proved a very effective technology for engaging student learning. They are:

– Easy to use

– Easy for our technicians and teachers to support

– Versatile with a myriad of available educational resources (that are ever-increasing)

– Being taken up by an increasing number of secondary schools as the preferred device of choice

Individualised Learning with iPads

The program is designed so that:

– Teachers and students fully utilise the large range of educational applications available on the iPad

– Teachers and students use the iPad to work collaboratively on projects across all key learning areas, e.g. Literacy Circles reflection captured instantly and stored for future learning

– Families of students who use their own iPad have the chance to better manage their Home Learning (this will apply only for families of students who engage in the BYOD option)

– Teachers and students capture their work through video, audio and scanning and displayed instantly on the Interactive Whiteboard

– Teachers store curriculum, planning and assessment documents that can be accessed within seconds allow teachers to move freely around the room

– Students create Digital Portfolios linked to learning goals uploaded instantly through programs like Evernote and suite of Google Classroom tools that are accessible to Teachers, Students and Parents.