Division Netball and Footy

On the August 1, the RPS girls netball team competed in the Division Gala Day and got through to Regionals! We played three matches, all the teams we played against tried as hard as they could, but we pulled out the victory winning all three games. We played against Fitzroy North, St. Fidelis and St.Corpus Christi. The next round is, Northern Metropolitan Region finals at Mill Park Stadium on the 13th of August, so wish us luck! Thanks to all the parents who came to support us and a special thanks to Nerida for coaching our team.

By Neve.F, Neve.W and Sophie.E


And that’s a goal!
On Tuesday August 6th the Year 6 footy team went to Regionals for their spectacular inter school sports! They carpooled to Jacana at 9:30 and played their first game of footy for the day at 10:50 am. Unfortunately, the other team just beat them by a slim two pointe. They had a short 15 minute break in between their two, thirty minute games, meaning the started their second game at 11:35 am. The 2nd team was an overall very skilled team making it merely impossible for the per-sistent R.P.S Spuds team to win. Although the R.P.S team were getting smashed by the other team with a whopping score of 15 goals – 0 goals we finally pulled through and scored a very celebratory goal! Leaving our last game with a score of 90-6. Huge thanks to Russell Sivewright for being an amazing assistant coach and also for organising the whole event, Craig Lake for being the best coach our R.P.S team could ask for and all the selfless parents for helping out and cheering us along in the freezing cold.

By Amelia J and Ella K

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