Grade 1/2 Innovation

We have spent the first few weeks in Grade 1/2 immersing ourselves in our big concept, ‘Innovation’. Every Grade 1/2 student has had time to become immersed in our key understandings:
There is a design process to solve problems and /or needs Designers try ideas, modify and evaluate their ideas and products Materials have different characteristics and properties Materials can be changed

We are lucky enough to have some seriously talented parents and grandparents at RPS who work in the design field and have so far learnt about how to make advertisements, complete mathematical equations and make hats.

This is what students have loved learning about in ‘Innovation’ so far this Term:
“This term we have been ‘innovators’ during Investigation time. We read the story ‘Claris the chicest mouse in Paris’ and designed beautiful fashion bags afterwards. “ Caitlin Shaw 1/2E ‘’Writing a recipe“- Ned Constantaridis 1/2S ‘’Creating new things, like when I was focus child and I made yoghurt and brought some in to share“- Aisha Alexander 1/2L ‘’I like how we got to innovate on things, like when we got to design our hat and then decorate it“- Albie Hutchins1/2F ‘’Writing a recipe to make a potion for how to fly“- Sebastian Aquilina 1/2T

We are looking forward to designing and making our own ‘big’ action at the end of this unit, stay tuned for further details…
The 1/2 team,
Sarah, Simon, Lucie, Ellen and Tammy

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