Grade 3/4 Camp – Adventures in Anglesea

Last week, Grade 3/4 went on a 2 night camp to YMCA at Anglesea. Thanks to the excellent efforts of the students, staff and parents, everyone had a brilliant time and we managed to avoid the rain for the most part. The activities, food and out- standing behaviour of the students made it a fun and incredibly enjoyable camp. Special thanks to the parents who volunteered their time to come along; Mirella Manfre, Kate Swayne, Eleanor Thomas, Lachie Mosley and Clinton Hill; we couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to all the parents YMCA staff and teachers at RPS for making the camp such a great success! The food was really good; I was really surprised we were even allowed to have seconds! – Miriam & Beth

The big swing was great because lots of people were afraid of heights but they challenged themselves to go to the top and did it! – Liv

My favourite activity was the hut building because we got to use huge branches to make our own teepee. The geo-cacheing was also really fun, thanks to the adults who helped us. – Thomas & Charlie

The funniest thing about camp was when we walking back from canoeing and we had to walk past a giant puddle and some people fell in! – Luca

Bush cooking was so fun and you got to get really messy. Camp was very challenging but very fun! – Seamus

-The 3/4 Team

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