Grade 3/4 Refurbishment – Stage 1 Complete!

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The September break saw the school a very busy place with a range of buildings and grounds projects being completed. The playground saw a lot of activity including: our plumbers completing a range of drainage projects targeting puddling hazards around our pathways as well as fixing a leak under the half metre of concrete near the Office courtyard entrance; the cleaning of the artificial turf on the basketball/netball courts to minimise slipping on rainy days; and our regular Arborist visit to thin foliage on our larger trees to keep them healthy and minimize the potential for them losing limbs. While all that was happening we had our first stage of the classroom refurbishment done which included installation of new lighting and fans, new pinboards and whiteboards and a fresh paint job. (Thanks again to our painting crew of dads, led by Rick Phelps for giving up their time on that part!) Please drop by to see how the ‘new’ space looks.

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