How we can help the environment with grade 3/4

For our Inquiry Topic ‘How can we help the environment?’ We decided that our main focus was ‘How could we inform our local community to help reduce their use of plastic coffee cups and plastic straws?’ As a part of our ‘Taking Action’ phase of Inquiry we wrote an email to Frank Green (The Sustainable Cup company).

We were hoping they would come out to talk to us and inform us how we can help educate the Richmond Primary School Community on stopping their use of single use plastic coffee cups. We were lucky enough for Frank Green to come out to educate us with some interesting facts and explain their companies purpose. We learnt some great facts and are inspired to continue our action against single use plastic coffee cups in the Richmond Community. Dean was even inspired to get one of these Frank Green cups for his daily coffee habit!

As a special thank you to Richmond Primary School and to show support to Domino and Austin, Frank Green have provided a discount code for anyone who is wanting to think sustainable and purchase a Frank Green reusable cup. Let’s work together to no longer use non-reusable coffee cups at Richmond Primary School!

Just visit
The code is: fgxrps10 which you enter at the checkout and gives you 10% off your purchase.

By Domino and Austin

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