Into the Unknown with Grade 3/4!

This Term in Area 2, Grade 3/4 students have been learning all about Explorers in our History unit, ‘Into the Unknown’. Students have looked at what explorers have achieved, how they have changed the world globally and on a more local scale in Australia. In Week 5 ,we visited the Old Treasury Building, where we learnt about what Melbourne was like prior to European settlement and how the discovery of gold shaped our city. We also did a learning walk through Fitzroy Gardens and found out about Captain Cook’s cottage. It was a rich learning experience and we’d like to take this chance to thank our parent helpers who came along for the day. To celebrate and present our learning for the Term, we will be having a whole area afternoon showcase on Thursday the 21st of June; parents and family members will be welcome to come and take a look at the presentations and movies the children have created. It begins at 2:10pm in the 3/4 area.

Now onto some sad news; you will have all heard by now that the one and only Nick Buckley will be going off to face new challenges in Kenya at the end of this Term. We wish him the best of luck on the next chapter of his life and look for- ward to hearing all about African adventures. Thank you for all the incredible work you have done, not only in 3/4 but at Richmond Primary over your time here. You will definitely be missed! Make sure you come and say goodbye and good luck to Nick before the end of term.

After a busy but extremely enjoyable start to the Term, Area 2 is looking forward to a relaxing winter break!

The 3/4 team, Sarah, Josh, Jordy and Nick.

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