Enrolment Protocol

Richmond Primary School (RPS) is an inner-city school that experiences high demand for student places.

In 2010 approval was granted by the North Western Victoria Regional Office of the Department of Education and Childhood Development for Richmond Primary School to set an enrolment ceiling of 350 students. This is based on the number of classrooms available, the schedule of room entitlements, and the limitations of the site. Implementation of this ceiling must be in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Victorian Government Schools Reference Guide. Our current school population is at 382 students which means the 2019 school enrolment is over our enrolment ceiling. This sees the school currently applying the Implementation Protocols detailed below.

Clear guidelines on the basis for enrolling students at RPS ensure the process is fair and equitable.

The application of this protocol sees us maintaining a waiting list for families who do not have RPS as their closet school and who wish to enrol with us. Please contact us if you wish clarification on this protocol or to apply for a place.

Please note: Prep Enrolment Applications for the 2020 intake are due by June 28. Those families that are placed on the Waiting List will be informed about their application status by July 26.

Aim of this Protocol

To provide clear guidelines and protocols for enrolment at RPS.


The following is based on information available from the Department of Education and Training (DET).

  • All students for whom RPS is the closest primary school to their permanent residential address (defined by the DET Designated Neighbourhood Boundary map) will be accepted.
  • Priority will then be given to siblings of children who will be concurrently enrolled.
  • After satisfying closest school and sibling requirements, out-of-area enrolments will only be accepted if spaces are available. Students will generally be accepted in order of closest permanent residential address. The Principal has the right, with the support of the Regional Office, to exercise their discretion when deciding out of area enrolments.

Designated Neighbourhood Area


The map at this link Richmond Primary Enrolment Boundary (this links to the Findmyschool government website.) This provides the official DET approved boundaries for our designated area. Follow the instructions on the website to find the closest school for your address. Please confirm with our office if you have any queries as to the specific streets and house numbers that apply.

The Designated Boundary Map is below: