Prep Transition

Transition for New Preps

What an exciting milestone for you and your child!

We look forward to meeting you as part of our Prep Transition Programme.

Click HERE to view our 2022 Prep Transition Flyer

As part of this programme you will be given a “Prep Parent Handbook” this Handbook provides detailed guidelines and information to help you plan for, and cope with, the start of primary school.

Your child will be allocated a Grade 6 “Buddy”. This buddy helps the prep navigate their way around the playground, assists in settling them in and shares activities throughout the year. Staff couldn’t do without their help and input.

Preps will participate in the take-home reading book program as well as borrowing from the school library. This continues throughout their school career.

As a prospective parent you are invited to come and experience a Richmond Primary assembly. You will see both students and teachers at work and it will give you a feel for the sense of support and community in the school.  Please contact the school office for assembly day and time 03 9428 1909.

While it may seem daunting at times, we have some tips and strategies for preparing your child for one of the most important transition stages of their lives.

Encourage your child to look forward to school by stressing positive aspects of this new experience. Try not to talk in a way that might make your child apprehensive, and try not to reveal your own anxieties.

Things you can do to help prepare your child.

You can start to encourage independence in your child and to be more responsible for their belongings. Teach your child to tie up their shoelaces, do up button and zippers, and do up their pants. Encourage your child to wear clean clothing and be tidy. Your child will find school transition more manageable if he or she has started to learn to:

  • say their full name and address
  • put things away after use
  • recognise and care for their own NAMED belongings
  • go to the toilet and adjust clothing
  • boys should be familiar with using a public toilet urinal
  • flush the toilet after use
  • use a tissue or a handkerchief properly
  • cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing
  • take off and hang up their coat

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