2021 School Levies


Dear Parents and Guardians

At RPS, our priority is to provide the best possible education for your children.  To deliver the standards we all expect for our children, we seek the support of our school community through payment of school fees and voluntary levies.  Without the payment of both fees and levies, our ability to continue to deliver the high-quality education and facilities that we do will be negatively impacted.

We ask that School Fees be paid from 24 January 2021 onwards.  RPS School Council has determined fee and levy structure outlined in the table below to support delivery of the school’s priorities.  We understand that some families may be experiencing financial hardship, we do not want any family to experience financial strain due to School Fees. I encourage those families to please approach the Principal, Megan Dell, phone 9428 1909 or email: Megan.Dell@education.vic.gov.au  to seek out alternative payment arrangements and support.

As we wrap up this extraordinary year, thank you for your support in 2020.   We look forward to working with you to continue to deliver high quality educational offerings for our children.

Kind regards,

Felicity Kaaks       

School Council President


A)      Essential Educational Materials (per student capped at 2 students)

These items include, but are not limited to:

Literacy support including classroom materials & eBooks, subscriptions, maths requirements including workbook printing, testing programs, subscriptions, online subscriptions for learning activities such as Mathletics, Essential Maths, Sound Waves, LOTE consumable and digital applications, all art and craft materials for visual and performing arts, classroom library books/novels and classroom display materials.

B)  First Aid (per student capped at 2 students)

The purchase of materials used in the sick bay and across the school. These items include, but are not limited to:

School epiPen (Junior and Senior), school asthma medication and equipment, first aid supplies, first aid kits for camps and excursions, first aid training for all staff at RPS

C) School Ground and Maintenance Levy

This levy enables the school to pay for grounds maintenance, equipment and materials to ensure safely maintained play and educational environments.   

This payment is optional.

Working Bees will be held 2 times through the year and we hope those who do not pay this levy will support the school through their attendance at the working bees.

D) Fundraising Levy

This levy only  partially funds programs and equipment provided by RPS which are not funded by the government.   The remainder of funds are raised via school events, which will be limited to 4 per year.  Payment of this levy enables RPS to deliver programs, services and facilities that create a high quality, well-rounded education (e.g. Nick’s Garden, classroom heating and cooling etc), as well as special projects (e.g. refurbishment of educational spaces, new playground equipment). This payment is optional.

For families that choose not to pay this levy, we hope will support the school through their assistance at 1 fundraising event.

Families may also wish to make a tax deductible donation to our Building Fund – see below for details
BUILDING FUND   (Voluntary Financial Contribution – Tax Deductible)  
E) Richmond Primary School Building Fund

RPS developed both a Buildings Master Plan and a Grounds Master Plan in 2015 and is seeking voluntary contributions to enable us to achieve the goal of upgrading our school environment, in order to enhance educational outcomes.  Donation amounts are at the family’s discretion.  All contributions are fully tax deductible.





**           A separate receipt will be provided for tax purposes

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