After many weeks of learning all about the 3R’s, Grade 1/2 are ready to answer our ‘big question’ – ‘How can we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to sustain our environment?’ Every Grade 1/2 student will be thinking of one personal action they can take to be more sustainable before the end of Term. These unique pledges and promises made by every student range from making toys out of old boxes, to walking to school more often or bringing ‘nude food’ (packaging free) lunches most days. We encourage you to talk to your kids about their action so they can be a sustainable success story!

Students will celebrate their learning for the Term with an expo on the Thursday the 27th of June between 9 -9:30am.

We hope you can come!

Students have also been measuring rainfall with rain gauges and thinking about why we need to be more sustainable with water. Everyone enjoyed creating their own rain gauges and, with our lovely Melbourne weather, we’ve been able to see firsthand how much water a rainy day brings. Students came up with terrific ways to save water including:

‘Have a shorter shower’ – Jackson Bond

When it’s raining collect water in a bucket’ – Will Spinks

‘Only water flowers every second day’ – Jess Thompson

Why not help your child be more sustainable at home? It only takes small changes to help our beautiful planet!

The 1/2 team, Sarah, Simon, Lucie, Ellen and Tammy

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