RPS HalloweenFest – What a team!

Now the witch’s dust has settled and we’ve got the zombies back in their coffins we can now reflect on what an amazing time everyone had at Saturday’s Halloween Fest! There were an array of fantastic costumes and of course good times all around. We will have more news and photos in our next edition but we would like to take this opportunity to thank a range of important people who were part of the team that lead to this great day.

The following people did an incredible job in the listed roles:

Linda Kerr – ticketing, equipment and marketing; Sonya Carroll – decorations; Sarah Padley – ticketing and donations; Adam Cassidy – Spooktacular arena entertainment; Sally Child – sponsorship and donations; Renee Phelps – sponsorship and donations; Amy Worth – Boos and Brews; Jess Aloi – finance and Square devices; Hannah Mcmahon – finance and floats; Anu Alexander – raffle and auction; Zoe Crawforth – collateral (logo, posters etc); and Sylvie Hutchins – raffle and auction.

We have also had the following coordinators for each of our stalls and major contributors: Lou Johnson, Lou Patterson, Sammi Stone, Elise Boxer, Stewart Irwin, Sophie Bisset, Matt Bisset, Mel Spinks, Kylie Hill, Sarah Carter Curtis, Eleanor Thomas, Cath Donnison, Skye Walker, Krysia Mosley, Monica Coghlan, Lyndsay St Ledger, Wing Lee, Amy Keane, Sally Welbourn, James Welbourn and Nick Brass.

And of course a huge Thank You to our incredible Halloween Fest coordinator, Ellie Hedger. It was Ellie who first approached School Council with the idea that we base our Fair on a ‘Halloween’ theme. She has been instrumental in organising every facet of the event and her incredible level of problem solving and unflappable demeanour has been pivotal to the event’s success. The school owes you a huge debt of gratitude, Ellie. Congratulations to you and your crew for an amazingly successful event!

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