School Review 2019

The Department of Education (DET) conducts reviews of schools every 4-5 years. This rigorous process is conducted by a DET appointed reviewer who consults with all stake holders to help determine the school’s needs and how to meet these over the following 4 year period. The result of this is the development of the School Strategic Plan (SSP).

This page of our website will be dedicated to the sharing of information about our school which I hope will help inform the consultation process to take place over Term 4 of 2018 and leading into our Review in Term 1 of 2019. Through this page you will be able to access a range of documents including:

  • Reports related to the school’s academic achievement
  • Reports detailing the results of surveys of key stake holders including students, parents and teachers
  • School policy documents which are also looked at as part of the Review.

If you have any questions about this process please feel free to contact me via the School Office.

Dean Banova
Principal RPS

NEW!!!!  Terms of Reference Released

The following are the Terms of Reference the Review Panel will use to engage with an inquiry that will help inform our new Strategic Plan. You are welcome to give your feedback on them via this link:  Survey
We are also holding a Parent Forum to discuss the TOR this Tuesday March 5 at 9.00am. If you can make it please reply here: Forum booking

Terms of Reference Inquiry Questions:

  1. To what extent have teachers and leaders used student data to:
  • develop, monitor and evaluate a coherent whole-school professional learning plan which has led to the consistent implementation of agreed approaches to teaching and learning across the school
  • develop class programs that provide rigour and challenge for students so they can engage with the curriculum at their point of need?


Based on a consideration of the school’s data ,and the findings collected by the panel following classroom visits and interviews with students, the panel wished to investigate the extent to which the college’s teaching and learning model was understood and consistently implemented by teachers and the extent to which learning is genuinely personalised for students. In addition, the panel wished to investigate the extent to which professional learning was well-planned, supported the school’s identified improvement strategies and was data-driven and thus genuinely based on student needs

  1. How can the school seek and respond to authentic student voice related to issues that interest and affect them; and promote learner agency that encourages inquiring minds and results in independent and self-regulating learners who can track and monitor their own learning growth?


Analysis of survey data, classroom visits and discussions with students on Validation Day led the panel to form the view that the extent to which students had a voice, and took responsibility for their learning were areas for further investigation. Investigation of this question will inform deeper understandings of how the school can further engage, inspire and empower students, further develop a positive attitude to learning about the world around them and thus further improve achievement.

  1. How can the school further develop as a powerful learning community, with a clear identity and purpose, underpinned by a coherent vision and values, to maximise engagement of all sections of the school community (parents, carers, teachers, students) and foster powerful relationships with schools and other organisations?


Panel discussions revealed that the school has a very interested, aware and supportive community, with very high expectations. The panel formed the view that the school could further capitalise on this important resource. The value of further enhancements to relationships with other schools and organisations, both local and global, was also acknowledged by the panel.


Self Evaluation 2018/19

These are the reference documents we used during our Self Evaluation in term 4 2018:

Current School Policies
(This includes re-drafted Policies mandated for our school’s registration as part of the Review Process. We invite your feedback on these new and revised policies – check the Policies page for more details.)

RPS 2018 NAPLAN Results

Attitude to School Survey Results 2018

RPS Parent Opinion Survey 2018 results&comments

2017 RPS Annual Report  
This report was presented to the School Council AGM in April 2018.

Parent Forum November 12

Following our Parent Forum the following was settled on as the final draft of our Vision Statement

RPS Vision Statement (Final Draft)

Richmond Primary School fosters a community of socially responsible, respectful and resilient life-long learners. We develop curious, creative and collaborative students who  contribute positively to the community now and in the future as global citizens.

The group also brainstormed their answers to the following question: What skills, attitudes and understandings do we want our students to have by the end of primary school? and the following came through as the agreed ’big’ ideas in relation to our students’ learning:

–   Social skills                    –  Global thinking            –  Managing adversity       –  Possibilities to become anything

Other comments and feedback from the evening may be found in the document below:

Richmond Parent feedback –

If you have any further feedback or commentary please fill in the following online form

School Strategic Plan 2014-2018 RPS SSP 2014-18

Annual Implementation Plan 2018 2018_AIP_RichmondPS

DET have released the model below as a framework for teaching and learning for all state schools. Staff are currently reviewing this model and working on how we develop our new Strategic Plan based on its principles.

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part of their Review Process