SEESAW— A ‘Snapshot’ of Learning

Seesaw gives families an immediate and personalized window into their child’s school day, helping to answer: “What did you do at school today?”

Our Classroom teachers have started to trial the use of Seesaw as both a sharing tool and a type of learning journal for students. It is a great way to link instantly between school and home and share your child’s learning.
Seesaw is accessed via the use of a code. This protects student privacy. Teachers control what is shared and with whom. Unless teachers choose to share, no student work is visible outside of the classroom. Teachers can choose to invite family members to see the work their child has added to Seesaw or post some items more publicly for the whole class (such as to a Seesaw blog). Our school is keeping each classroom’s Seesaw accounts reserved just for families in that class and not for anyone outside the school. The Seesaw company are committed to not sharing or selling on any data that may be contained in school accounts. The permissions for student images to appear on Seesaw is covered by the Publication Consent form families signed when your child started at RPS, which allows for the publishing of photos that appear in our newsletters and other online school based activities. If you have any concerns about your child’s involvement in our school’s sharing of learning via Seesaw please contact your child’s teacher or the office.

There are some exciting projects happening in classes across the school. In the 5/6 Area this includes the posting of Literature Circle work for Reading comprehension, number talks showing Mathematical strategies, progress towards Rich Assessment Task (RAT) projects for Unit and Science and students goals for the term. Students reflect on elements of their work that were successful and their next learning steps for each task.
Thanks to the many parents that have already used their class code and got on board with this new initiative. If you haven’t received your class code yet, you should be provided this before the end of the term.

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