Spreading the Sustainability Message Across Richmond!

Over the weekend 5/6R had a stall at the Gleadell St market to raise awareness about sustainability and the environment. There were multiple groups in the class that each had their own projects such as:
Petitions Dioramas Plants in plastic bottles And a donation jar
We had three petitions one was for getting rid of plastic straws in the Yarra community. Another was to get compost bins in Richmond and finally a petition for bigger fines for people who litter. Overall we got approximately 839 petition signings and also raised $291.05 with all the money going to PlasticOceans.org. We even had a visit from Adam Bandt who kindly dropped in to check out our work!
Overall it was a fantastic day and all of 5/6R took away so much from the experience. Thank you so much to Russell for giving up his Saturday to set this whole thing up!

By Lucy A and Miles

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