Welcome to the Student Representative Council (SRC) of Richmond Primary School

What we do

SRC is an elected group of students that come together to help the school facilities and plan fun days for the school.

The role of an SRC Rep is to give all students a voice in School matters, such as fundraising, special days and recommendations to improve our school. We take down ideas that our peers would like to have or do. SRCs use their own time to contribute their class’ ideas.

How we work

Every class above Grade 2 nominates a few people to represent their class. The two people who are elected to SRC will have to have a SRC meeting in their class. The students give ideas to the SRCs about what fun day we should have or any improvements for the school. Then all the SRC representatives get together and have a meeting with the Grade 6 SRC presidents. There we decide what fun day we should do, what we should spend the money on and what improvements we need. The SRC reps will then go to the next class meeting and tell all the students what we are doing.

How we help

We help our school and local community by helping choose equipment for the school such as the new playground equipment and rubbish and recycling bins.

We help the students by planning fun activity days such as dress up days and Book Week. We also take the students’ ideas to the meetings and we take feedback from the meetings back to our classes.

We help the community by raising money for different charities with all students giving gold coin donations on the fun activity days.

By Brooke G