Writer’s Notebook

Some of you will have noticed, in our student reports, reference to Writers Notebook. Writers Notebook is an important supplement to our formal writing framework, 6 Traits +1 of Writing. Students enjoy this weekly writing experience of unpacking what it is like to be a writer, and spreading the experience out on the page according to their own imaginative interpretation of life and story. Their Notebooks are for experimenting with writing text types such as poetry, narrative, reports and procedures. Writers investigate ideas and delve into the vocabulary that supports these ideas. They plan their writing with drawings and diagrams and THEY make the decisions about which ideas will end up as a ‘published’ piece of writing. We want them to feel like writers. Teachers support students in conferences to keep improving as writers. At RPS we adopted 6 Traits +1 of Writing four years ago as a framework for formal teaching of writing. The 6 + 1 Traits are: Ideas, Organisation, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions plus Presentation. Please feel free to talk to any of our teachers if you would like more information about our Writing Program.

Kate Finlay

Literacy Coordinator

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