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This year, the Grade 5 and 6 students are participating in a new science program called ‘Double Helix’. The program has been expertly created by the CSIRO. Mapped to the Australian Curriculum, Double Helix Lessons is a suite of online interactive science lessons for upper primary school students designed to make it easy for any school to supercharge their science program.


Students are taken on science adventures with the Double Helix characters – Rocky, Skye and their pet Chameleon Kevin – as they discover the wonders of science in the world around them. As they progress through the units, students interact with a combination of simulations, videos, animations, augmented reality and hands-on investigations. Learning is then reinforced as students apply their knowledge to real-world situations and even meet some CSIRO scientists.

This term, the students have been looking at Biomes and Adaptations.

In this unit, the students are embarking on a virtual excursion of the world’s biomes to discover the amazing adaptations that allow plants and animals to survive in these different environments.


Later in the term, the students will explore human impact on the world’s biomes through deforestation, invasive species and climate change and be empowered to take action to minimise the effects of these.


In order to show their understanding, the students undertook a reflection activity in their Writer’s Notebook to consolidate their learning. The students used the ‘R.A.F.T.S’ strategy where they had to choose the ROLE, AUDIENCE, FORMAT, TOPIC and STRONG VERBS.


The R.A.F.T.S we used was Desert, Tundra, Postcard, What biome is better and Bragging.

Dear Tundra,

I strongly believe that I’m better than you because you are the coldest biome so not many animals live in you. That is vile because no one can adapt to you. Also, the cold is so intense that most animals died out before they could adapt. I am better in every way, so it’s kind of obvious who is better, isn’t it?

From, Desert

Jules S 5/6S
Dear Tundra,

You really need to get out of the shade and start living the life in the sunshine. Or at least get rid of those disgusting icebergs and trade it in for beautiful smooth sand. So just don’t compete with me if you still have those disgustingly awful icebergs because you’re just gonna lose!

Sincerely, Desert.

Claudia H 5/6S

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