Zones of Regulation

Self-regulation is a big part of the Capabilities focus of the Victorian Curriculum and also part of succeeding in every-day life! But the hard part for teachers as facilitators of learning is creating opportunities for learning around self-regulation. One way of doing this is through the teaching framework called the Zones of Regulation.

Student well-being is a priority at our school, and this will be another tool that teachers can all use to help students gain skills in the area of self regulation, and take responsibility for managing their behaviour in different situations.

The Zones of Regulation is a tool that can be used to understand what we are feeling, realise that it is ok to feel things, recognise that others have feelings, different things make different people feel different ways, and every individual can have power with managing their feelings and self-regulating their feelings.

Teachers learnt about the theory behind the zones and self-regulation, and ways to introduce the language of the zones. The goal will now be to help students identify when they are in a particular zone and building their capacity to create a tool box to move into their optimum zone for learning. Teachers will be creating in their classroom a comfortable and supportive environment for students to practice his or her self-regulation skills. The picture shows the zones and the typical emotions related to each one.

At home you may want to use the language and talk about the concepts of the zones as they apply to you in a variety of environments. Make comments aloud so your child understands it is natural that we all experience the different zones and use strategies to control (or regulate) ourselves. For example, “This is really frustrating me and making me go into the Yellow Zone. I need to use a tool to calm down. I will take some deep breaths.”

Nerida Burns

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