History, values & leadership


A school vision that promotes integrity, lifelong learning and attainment of excellence.


Richmond Primary School is located in the block bordered by Barkly, Burgess, Mary and Brighton Streets in Richmond, an inner suburb of Melbourne. The school was opened in 1874. In the late 80’s Brighton Street, Burnley Primary School and Cremorne Street Primary were amalgamated and the new Richmond Primary School was formed.

Richmond Primary School currently has an enrolment of 382, which represents an increase on previous years. The school has an appointed substantive Principal and Assistant Principal. The majority of the students are from the immediate locality, and the school has been granted an enrolment ceiling of 350. The school has a high socio-economic profile based on the schools’ Student Family Occupation Index.

Richmond Primary School is committed to providing “every student with every opportunity” by offering a challenging and varied curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum. The school recognises the importance of catering for individual differences and personalising learning through its intervention program, strong Arts focus and its use of Information and Communication Technology throughout the curriculum. The school performs at or above the state medians in all areas of NAPLAN assessment.

We have a strong focus on student well-being with the values of respect, responsibility and resilience being consistently implemented across the school. The behaviour of the students both in class and in the playgrounds reflects the high expectations we have. Richmond Primary School has recently refurbished it’s learning spaces through locally raised and governent funding. This has allowed the school to expand its number of classrooms to 17 home groups.

Resized image of the old school

The original school building viewed near the corner of Barkly Avenue and Brighton Street


Richmond Primary School is committed to providing a safe and stimulating learning environment that respects and celebrates the diversity within our school community.

The school is founded upon the core values of:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience


Richmond Primary School values and fosters leadership and provides opportunities for all children to realise their leadership potential. Multi-age composite classes enable children to lead by example and model good behaviour for younger children. In addition our senior students are encouraged to become part of our active Student Council, where they help co-ordinate school events, make decisions regarding students’ rights and issues and make impromptu speeches.